Short stories

The stories below have all been digitally published and if you click on the titles or synopsis boxes below you can read them here on my site.

Untangling the Future, was first published by Cosmos Online and then Andromeda Spaceways. A million thanks to Damien Broderick (previous editor of Cosmos) for your guidance and encouragement. This was my first published short story and you have no idea what you set in motion!

The two other stories – Jasmine and Arghbleck and Nearly Forgotten, were both ‘Highly Commended’ in the ‘Best of Times’ -a humorous short story competition.

On the Verge won third prize in the 2011 Sydney Inner City Life Competition.


Fiction is the lie through which we see the truth.

Albert Camus.


Jasmine and Arrghbleck 2

Untangling the Future

 On the VergeNearly Forgotten 2

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